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Safety Made Simple.

#MaskON was created with the intent to design and donate a comfortable and reusable mask for essential workers on the front-lines.

Due to popular demand, we've released the mask line to everyone, so you can help make a difference with us.


For every mask purchased, we're able to donate to frontline/essential workers in return.

Whether you're working on the front-lines, going to the grocery store or taking a walk, we wanted to give people peace of mind knowing their mask is sustainable.

We've spoken to physicians, viewed multiple studies from the University of Cambridge, referenced Hospitals across North America and the CDC to determine the best material that would be breathable and provide a quality barrier to reduce spread.

Our masks are non-medical, 100% cotton and provide up to 70% particle barrier when worn. Additionally, they reduce waste created by disposable masks. 

to learn more about Covid-19 safety tips and how you can protect yourself, visit @plushealthsystems on Instagram.

All of our masks are hand-made local in Windsor, ON and designed with love to help fit everyone's needs.

We hope you enjoy wearing your masks as much as we enjoyed making them.

love always,

Katie + Tracey

@k.rads + @trayellehair

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